Chicago Man BEATS UP 4 Police Officer; In the police station !! (Video)

A Chicago man was charged with assaulting and beating 4 police officers at the police station. MTO News confirmed that four Cook County Sheriff’s MPs were injured on Wednesday morning when a man attacked all four MPs ahead of a hearing at the Skokie courthouse.

30-year-old Jerome Townsel was in custody for trespassing when police said so. “Got angry and attacked a deputy sheriff who was standing nearby.”

The surveillance video, which has no sound, shows Jerome talking on the phone in an office in the courthouse when he points to a couple of Sheriff MPs standing several feet away. Jerome then hit the officer with both fists – and it was on and off.

A fight broke out and three other MPs in the room quickly moved in, trying to subdue Jerome, who dealt three other MPs several blows before they managed to tie him up.

The sheriff’s office said all four MPs were being rushed to hospital for treatment for minor injuries. The paramedics from the Skokie Fire Department also examined Townsel, who refused medical treatment, according to the sheriff’s office.

He later appeared in a Bond Court where a judge set his bail at $ 150,000.


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