Charli and Dixie D & # 39; Amelio get a actuality present and the entire household is invited

The social media ruling family goes to Hulu.

On Friday, December 18, the premium streaming service announced a new eight-episode documentary series that will follow the sisters Charli D & # 39; Amelio, 16 and Dixie D & # 39; Amelio, 19, as well as her parents.

The series, titled The D & # 39; Amelio Show, will chronicle the famous family on their way to fame while remaining true to their values.

"We are excited to join the Hulu family with a unique look behind the scenes of our lives," said the family patriarch Marc D & # 39; Amelio said in a statement. "We have always been a very close family, but this experience brought us even closer and we are very happy to share a glimpse of our life with the world. Many people create impressions of us based on short content, a few minutes or even seconds. But now we're looking forward to sharing a page you probably won't see on our social channels. "

The new show is further proof that Hulu is expanding its list of non-written series.

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