Charley Satisfaction recalled discovering a "path" for Black Nation singers a month earlier than he died

Charley Pride, who died of complications from coronavirus on December 12 at the age of 86, remembered breaking barriers behind the scenes at the Country Music Awards on November 11 as one of the black country's most prolific artists.

The singer "Kiss the Angel Good Mornin & # 39;" who was accompanied by on stage Jimmie Allen, Spoke to E! & # 39; S Spencer Lubitz in the virtual press room at the awards show that at the time he was not the only groundbreaking black artist paving the way into the music genre.

"People say how does it feel to find a way for black country singers? I said, well, it's good for me. But they told me so, but we had great ones Al Downings, we had Stoney Edwards. A man came and he was a doctor, he started when I got out … what was his name? Cleve Francis! I worked with him, "explained Pride." So I was given the honor of breaking the path for those who look like one of us. "

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