Camila Mendes’ Birthday Put up for Grayson Vaughan Proves How Severe They Actually Are

About three things Camila Mendes is absolutely positive. First, she’s obsessed with astrology. Second, it’s her boyfriend’s birthday. And third, she’s in love. 

Camila revealed everything we needed to know about her relationship with Grayson Vaughan when she wished him a happy 29th birthday on Thursday, Oct. 29. 

The Riverdale star wrote on Instagram, “you just had to be a scorpio huh. love you birthday boi.” As for the 26-year-old actress, she’s an emotional Cancer. And according to the experts, a Scorpio-Cancer match can make for a romance with “intensity, depth and intimacy.” 

She also dropped the L-bomb once again, so we know it’s serious between the pair. In response, Grayson wrote, “te amo mais” (“I love you more”) and shared their couple selfie on his Insta Story with the puppy dog eyes emoji and a white heart.

Camila confirmed she was dating the photographer back in September when she shared a photo of the couple kissing as she departed for Canada to resume filming Riverdale. The caption? “Long distance love.” 

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