Camila Cabello reveals that she "realized so much about love" with Shawn Mendes

Camila wasn't the only one sharing private details about their romance. Earlier this month, Shawn openly discussed his relationship, even admitting he was "on the verge of" ruining things with the "Havana" singer.

"I went through a month where I couldn't even really communicate with her because I was struggling with anxiety and I didn't want her to see me weak," the 22-year-old star said in a podcast interview with Zane Lowe on November 17th. "And I was about to ruin our relationship."

He added, "And then when you come out the other end and say," Listen, I'm fighting here. It's hard for me to even tell you. "And everything starts to build and grow and get stronger, and the roots get stronger, and you look around and say, "Oh, s – t." Bravery. That is bravery.

Shawn said he and Camilla took the liberty of "giving everything more time and space" in their romance so it could bloom organically. From the look of Camila's latest post, it can be seen that things are clear.

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