Branford Marsalis particulars Ma Rainey's Black Backside soundtrack

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom is the new Netflix movie released on December 18, starring Viola Davis as blues icon Ma Rainey and the late Chadwick Boseman in its final performance. The soundtrack featuring original music by Branford Marsalis was announced today. It will also be out on December 18th (via Milan Records). Listen to the "El Train" soundtrack below.

"When I signed up to direct, I knew immediately that I wanted to work with Branford Marsalis because when you work with Branford the composer / arranger, Branford the historian, musicologist, playwright and writer comes along," said Director George C. Wolfe said in a statement. "And because he understands the inherently transgressive nature of the blues, Branford's arrangements capture not only the cultural and regional DNA in Ma Rainey's songs, but also the wit and anger that is contained in every note, scream and moan."

Ma Rainey's black bottom (music from the Netflix movie)::

01 Deep Moaning Blues
02 El train
03 Lazy mom
04 Chicago Sun.
05 My dogs
06 Hear me talk to you (instrumental)
07 The story of Memphis Green
08 jump song
09 leftovers
10 shoe shopping
11 Deep Henderson
12 Reverend Gates
13 Ma Rainey's black bottom
14 Deichs Lied
15 Sweet Lil & # 39; baby of mine
16 In the shadow of Joe Oliver
17 Hear me talk to you
18 Dike and Dussie
19 Dike confronts God
20 Sandman
21 Baby let me have it all
22 Toledo's song
23 Chicago at sunset
24 Skip, Skat, Doodle-do

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