Borat Points Official Assertion Concerning Rudy Giuliani’s “Harmless Attractive Time Encounter”

Amazon did their best to keep the big Rudy Giuliani reveal a secret in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, but once the embargo lifted yesterday, it was bound to leak out, and so it did. For those of you who haven’t seen the film yet, it was released early on Prime Video, so you can watch it right now! But if you want to know what the Rudy Giuliani thing is about and don’t mind about spoilers, here’s what happens:

Giuliani sits down for an interview with Tutar Sagdiyev (Maria Bakalova), Borat’s 15-year-old daughter. She flirts with him and tries to seduce him because Tutar believes that the only way to save Borat’s life is to give her virginity to a powerful Trump supporter like Giuliani. They go back to the bedroom, Giuliani starts reaching into his pants, and then Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) bursts in offering himself to Giuliani instead. It’s a pretty damning scene, and Giuliani has clumsily tried to cover it up by arguing he was just tucking his shirt in…while lying down on the bed…as one does. You can see the movie for yourself and tell that’s not what happened.

In any event, Borat has issued a statement further clowning on Giuliani, who should just go ahead, take the L, and disappear from public life forever. At the very least, I imagine that the Trump campaign has to be less than pleased that one of their most public supporters is going through a scandal where he shows himself to be easily compromised by a comedian, let alone actual spies who would want to manipulate the gullible former mayor of New York City. The only winners here are people who like comedy and the folks behind Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.

Check out the official statement below and be sure to watch Borat Subsequent Moviefilm on Prime Video. It’s pretty funny.

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