"Area Power" season 2 begins on Netflix

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Donald Trump is awkwardly responsible for the Netflix sitcom Space forces. The first season was directly inspired by the real-world discussions about a "Space Force" branch of the military, a really wild thing to imagine. But Steve Carell and the rest of the cast and crew envisioned it, resulting in a hit Netflix comedy. And now that Trump administration outcome will outlive his presidency. Trump could be canceled until 2021, but Space Force will have Season 2 (according to the Hollywood Reporter).

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Image via Aaron Epstein / Netflix

The show plays the accomplished ensemble of Carell, John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Jimmy O. Yang, Tawny Newsome, and Diana Silvers. It was originally created and developed by him and Carell office cohort Greg DanielsBut for season two, the creative team will be injected with some new blood. Norm Hiscock (Parks and Recreation, King of the Hill) will join the team as co-showrunner alongside Daniels, and co-star Yang will join the writers' room as a staff member. The show will also move production from Los Angeles to Vancouver to cut the cost of the second season. The first season was quite expensive as Carell himself made a million dollars per episode for his various hats. What can we expect from this creative rewiring and addition of people behind the scenes? I suspect they will condense and contain everything, not just to keep costs down, but to keep the cast of the ensemble as skillful as possible. The skills that both Hiscock and Yang are experienced in.

No air date has been announced yet, but we'll keep you updated on Space Force Season 2 as soon as we hear it. To find out more about the series, here's a plain blooper role.

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