American Horror Story's Taissa Farmiga reveals that she quietly married Hadley Klein

Taissa Farmiga is a married woman!

On Instagram, the American horror story actress shared what she is most grateful for this Thanksgiving Day and brought the news that she is married to the filmmaker Hadley Klein. She added a photo of her casual wedding day with the title "Married, my best friend. 08.08.2020".

Hadley also shared the news, writing on his Instagram, "I'm still grateful this year."

He had previously pointed out her secret ceremony in August on Instagram and referred to the actress as his "wife".

"Happy birthday to my superhotbutalsocool wife," he said in a post dedicated to the 26-year-old. "I'm so glad to have an 'excuse' to fill our faces with birthday candy all week."

In fact, their surprise wedding doesn't seem to be a surprise after all. Taissa and Hadley have been calling each other on social media as husband and wife since their wedding day, but the affectionate nicknames went unnoticed by their followers.

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