6 the reason why Sleepless in Seattle is an ideal Christmas film

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks Chemistry

If you spend an hour and a half to two watching people fall in love, you at least want them to have good chemistry. There's a reason Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan appeared together in multiple films: They have great onscreen chemistry. They're a classic movie pairing because they work and you want to see them together.

Although Sleepless is about Annie's and Sam's love story in Seattle, they rarely share screen time, but when they are together a few times you get dizzy and want them to exercise. Every romantic film, regardless of whether it is a Christmas film or a normal one, fails or succeeds due to the chemistry of the main actors.

Because Ryan and Hanks have such great on-screen chemistry, it triggers the feeling of vacation romance whether or not you have someone on vacation. Ryan and Hanks make you want to be in love or appreciate the one you love.

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