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Best Guitar Store in Walnut Creek

May 30

If you are looking for the best guitar store in Walnut Creek, CA, there are several places to look.

However, the best guitar store in the Walnut Creek area is actually Danville Music. Why?

First of all, visit the store. It is the cleanest music store in history, and a veritable cathedral of all things guitar. The store's selection includes new and used guitars, primarily the high-end PRS (Paul Reed Smith) and Taylor guitars. These are pieces of art, in addition to being highly-playable and enjoyable instruments with which to rock, pop, funk or jazz. 

You will also be able to find an array of guitar accessories at Danville Music, including instruction books, guitar straps and picks. They also offer service for when your axe is under the weather. 

And you'll find that the staff is incredibly helpful and sometimes, quite humorous and even silly. 

Since playing music is first and foremost fun, the atmosphere at Danville Music is conducive to play, and the store is the best musical shopping experience in the area.

So when you're looking for the best guitar store in Walnut Creek, just grab a peek down the 680 freeway to Danville Music.

You've found it!