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Drake Type Beat 2021 - Way Down - Prod. By The Corporatethief Beats

Oct 15

The Corporatethief Beats is an online beat website that specializes in helping up and coming musicians “find trap beats, hip hop beats, west coast beats, pop beats, and new school type beats” which are available for download on their official site.

In addition to providing high quality beats, The Corporatethief Beats {AKA Daniel Hartnett} also has a popular blog that provides its readers with a variety of music related articles; helping musicians “get the best outcome from the promotion of their mixtape, album, or a single online”. 

The Corporatethief Beats’
music articles have been featured on numerous popular music marketing blogs such as DIY CD Baby, Hypebot, Music Think Tank, Rap Rehab, and Music Industry How To. Check out their blog by clicking here! The Corporatethief Beats have more than one million views on their official YouTube Channel.

Their most recent rap beat video, ‘Drake Type Beat With Hook 2021’, has already amassed more than ten thousand views since its recent release. With a growing number of followers and subscribers, there is no denying the fact that The Corporatethief Beats have developed a dedicated following of loyal fans who will be eager to hear their latest release.

New Drake Type Beat 2021 called Way Down Produced by The Cororporatethief Beats. Here speaking of his signature Drake Instrumental sound where he looped the beat for 10 mins rap artist could practice over the beat.

The beat has a soulful piano
 which is synonymous with Drakes signature sound. The drum pattern is a bit more abstract compared to standard rnb type drums you might think would normally fit over a piano sound like this.

Drake Instumental Video - BPM 163 Key Bm

Instrumental Download Link Here



Timestamp Video 00:00 - Lofi Piano Instrumental Intro 00:23 - Rap Verse 1 01:11 - RnB Male Vocal Hook 01:36 - Rap Verse 2 02:21 - RnB Male Vocal Hook02:46 - Rap Verse 2 03:14 - Lofi Piano Middle 8 03:24 - Lofi Piano & Make Solo Vocal Bridge 03:57 - Rap Verse 3 04:44 - Vocal Outro 05:00 - Lofi Piano Instrumental Outro
Start of Second Beat Loop at 6:04



The drums are more UK drill type drums, which complement that piano sample along with the quick movements of the bass line. Daniel added in various effects and vocal chops to create that lo-fi drake instrumental sound that rappers like to vibe to. 

Speaking to Daniel {aka The Corporatethief Beats} He said.....

I  am very influenced by Instrumentals featured on Drake's earlier albums like "Take Care", Nothing Was The Same and More Life. Drake's songs like Pound Cake, Paris Morton Music, Teenage Fever,  "Tuscan Leather" and "305 to My City" are some of my favourite Drake songs and Drake Instrumentals. 

I also added a slowed-down vocal as the hook which makes it easier for any hip hop artist to rap over the verse and let the vocal hook carry the weight of the song. The rap artist can get a proper freestyle vibe with this soulful piano sound.  The Key of this smooth rnb instrumental is Bm and the BMP is at 163. I built the complete beat around the lo-fi piano sound and the follow the same key for the additional elements. 


Having always had a natural affinity for music, Daniel Hartnett (the site’s founder), started out his professional music production at Galway Technical Institute and furthered his education at The Academy of Sound Dublin where he graduated with a Higher Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering. Although he receives inspiration from a number of styles, Daniel Hartnett amalgamates a variety of compositional elements to form his unique beats.


The official video for the release lasts over ten minutes (track time: 5:04) and sits at 90bpm. The track commences with a twenty-one second introductory section that sets the tone. The stylistic layering of a spoken vocal element, check out 0:46 to 0:48, adds a creative flare to the overall sound. The rhythmic percussion combines with the atmospheric instrumentation to provide the perfect platform for a vocal line.

From the well balanced production to the impressive instrumentation, fans of The Corporatethief Beats, as well as those who are looking for top level beats, will definitely want to check out this release. Make sure you follow The Corporatethief Beats on social media to keep up to date with upcoming releases! 

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