12 Issues From Goop’s $2.7 Million Vacation Present Information We would Really Purchase

Although there are many affordable and practical gifts included in this year’s roundup, it wouldn’t be a true Goop gift guide without some mind-boggling unique gifts and experiences.

The craziest? Besides a $250,000 seat on one of Virgin Atlantic’s space voyages, a $275,000 Lunar Rock edition of Norman Mailer’s Moonfire with an actual lunar meteorite might take the cake. You can literally give a gift that is out of this world! Like the gift guide says, “hot-air balloon rides are so last year.”

In case space isn’t your thing, you can gift your loved ones other once in a lifetime experiences and trips. Among the many the Goop team suggests, a wellness retreat in England sounds like a pretty relaxing way to end 2020.

To browse Birkin bags, gold handcuffs, treehouses and more unique gifts, Goop’s holiday guides are here. There’s a lot of Gwyneth-approved gifts to explore but lucky for you we rounded up 12 gifts we would actually buy this holiday season. Scroll below to see our picks!

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