11 Marvel and DC characters who might play the boys solid

I should mention, however, that the corrupt "supes" and (mostly) powerless CIA squadrons they covertly knock down in the hit Amazon Prime original are technically already DC characters – or at least once were. The Garth Ennis comic book series that inspired The Boys was originally owned by DC-owned Wildstorm for its first six issues before being picked up by Dynamite Entertainment. Of course, people like Billy Butcher or Homelander were never part of the same universe as Batman or Wonder Woman, so we can still imagine the actors they play in the DCEU and the MCU, respectively.

That's exactly what we want to do with the following 11 stars from my perspective as the best-written series on TV (or streaming, to be precise). As a big fan of The Boys (and comic book content in general) like myself, it wasn't clear at first that some of the lead characters had actually dipped their pen in DC or Marvel ink beforehand. However, I recognized our first actor on the roster as the one who delved into both worlds.

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