10 Issues You Did not Know About Elizabeth Berkley Lauren–By Elizabeth Berkley Lauren

6. One beauty product that I use daily is Senna Cosmetics Koi Blush.

7. One of the oldest items still in my wardrobe is a pair of thigh-high, black Versace boots that I bought for myself to wear to the Emmys. Then they ended up being a costume piece in Showgirls too.

8. But my favorite thing I’ve ever worn is my wedding dress. It was designed by my husband Greg‘s uncle, Ralph Lauren, and I wore it on one of the best days of my life.

9. If Robyn‘s “Dancing On My Own” is playing, I have to dance. 

10. I wrote most of my book, Ask Elizabeth, at Le Pain Quotidien’s old Melrose Ave. location. It’s my go-to chain for healthy, organic food and it’s full of special memories of family brunches. (Pre-COVID, of course!)

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—Edited by Billy Nilles

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